Thomas McCreary's trailer trash page
Since this stupid hick wants to stalk me, provoke and slander on me and or getting campaign of bullying on me?.
I decided to bring back this page and IT STAYS negotiation is over. I will not respond to his threats anymore.
So this fat hick Thomas McCreary IV (4th failure) love defaming me???. I will play his game to that living abortion.
Go a head post my arts you fat wife beating fuck.

All material are ranging semi-copyrighted to fully copyrighted... This page is a mixture of truth and black comedy.

Similar (HERE) and (HERE)
Also this page is about SHAMING this scumbag bully womanizing trailer trash criminal terrorist who steals people's copyrighted materials... Brought to you by The Vintage Inbred Zone
He hates freedom of speechs and will stalk, threaten, sexually offend people who doesn't agree with him.
Guess what he is a sport hunter pieces of shit. He crossed the line and once this page is finished... IT STAYS!!!
Yes he is a stupid republiKKKlan farmer.
He still attack people. back talk etc. So technically he started everything this fat fuck.

He will stalk people, post people's family members and steal copyrighted stuff if you don't agree with this cocksucker.... So he fucked with the wrong guy and then opens the floodgate.
Also this idiot deleted / mostly the stolen stuff and harassment to hide himself.
He been posting the stuff he infringed, including posting family member pics on I never harassed that freak, he started.
People fucking with me, I get even with them...He must really hate his own kids when he waste hours harassing me and other animal lovers instead of being with his white-trash of a family of his... Even his stupid cunt slut whore wife of his acted immature and defended this trash.. So they are both dysfunctional.. So this page stays.
His kids are spawns not kid. They will grow up stupid as this fat POS
Besides it is his fault for posting pictures of his house and making guessing games.
His phone number is NOT private.
Looks like inbred hick Thomas McCreary is still harassing people and more people are shaming this asshole.
Check out a page made by someone who got fedup of Thomas bs.

Children under his "care" are mostly likely to grow up as druggies, drunkards, bullies, wife beaters and criminals.
Also I hope his children get taken away by the CPS and put in foster home away from this sexual predator freak.
Reasons of the return of this page
About him
He stalks me, I stalk him.
The pervert even owns or work in a shitty bar called Murphy's Shamrock Inn
Thomas McCreary **HATES** His family and his kids
Censoring him = Freedom of speech
Death Artwork
Alcoholism and child-like behavior
Thomas McCreary's sexual deviance?
Health problems
What goes around comes around
Trailer Trash and his hickery
White Trashism
RescueRangers busted this stalker's ass. Since Thomas love stealing people's work
Thomas McKKKreary got his ass KICKED

Reasons of the return of this page
Reasons???? It is simple.
This fat fuck broke the deal and provoked me when I didn't talk to this perverted POS.

DATE: Tue June 02 2015.. I didn't reply to that thread.
Is gone now since Brandon Carter the mental case spew hatred and got a nice facebook ban.

About him.
Thomas McCreary IV - 4th failure spawn of his inbred hick father who incest his sister and spawning Thomas.

Fatty last year. 2014s

Thomas McCreary today, fatter, getting grey hair and look older than his age. 2015s, boy he ages soo fast.
I know I am stressing this fat fuck soo much... He love to slander, harass and stalk people??? I do the same.

Thomas McCreary born on September 22 1976, trailer trash older than me and not even acting his age.
He is a bigot, racist, a hypocrite, misogynist, homophobic, terrorist, thief, stalker, criminal, drug addict, womanizer and a racist.
He is a racist because he defends them. Defends that racist bitch Kendall Jones from Shithole town somewhere in Texas where is dominated by racist Southern republiKKKlans.
This womanizer who is married to his hick wife wants to fuck Kendall Jones and he values Kendall above Jeannette.
Again as his obsession of having sex with that bimbo bitch kendall Jones while he has a wife
Jeanette McCreary ..

He's fat and unhealthy.
He attack vegetarians that fat pieces of shit, stupid farmer like him kills lots of plants with machines, cows eating it, eating it and he is a republican hick who in favor for burning forests (forest thinning project) cutting down forests and forests roads.. He hates shit without knowing that he does it himself.
apparently he's a bipolar and sociopathic.... He shows symptoms of it, such as copycat people, spamming the same thing such as countdown until hunting season starts, bullies people who disagree with him, stalk him, sexual deviance such He lacks of a life and does a countdown.
I don't pick on people with mental disabilities but when they take advantage of it to harass people.
I will pick on the INDIVIDUAL doing it not generalizing the whole group because I'm not a fucking hick.
A friend sent this.

Also this fat pig has a creepy obsession and has nothing better to do but spamming a forum or page with a stupid dumb countdown because he is BORED AT LIFE and has nothing else to do but trolling pages and bragging to show his insecurity and how much his dumbass' life sucks hard balls..
Example saying, "20 days until hunting", next day "19 days until hunting".. does this stupid countdown crap.
Worst part is he brags about it and spams it every days.
I don't attack people with disabilities but when they brag, harass people to get attention then I attack the INDIVIDUAL not every people with disabilities because I know they are not all like that.
Anyone with a working brain knows that.

This is how his wife beating, child molesting sexual deviant racist drunkard father rose him,

When I love something I don't spam it non stop.. I don't spam my hobby. I show my hobby if people ask me.
I am not attacking every people with disabilities. I only attack the TYPE who seeks pityness, seeking attention and harassing others by thinking they are better than others.

This hick stated he has kids and he goes around asking people to masturbate over his pic.
I am sure if I was a minor he would still say that around kids, Typical Phil Robertson supporter.
A fucking sick fuck who created Fuck Dynasty and dated an underage and advocate underage marriage.
This stupid white trash of a father of his have NOT taught him nanners.
Hunters only want kids for them to hunt, they will NEVER teach them manners.

He thinks he can slander on me, humiliate me and thinking I wouldn't do shit???
He is WRONG, dead wrong... I don't back down and I will fight back.

This fat bastard even uses his daughter's cellphone to browse my site and steal copyrighted shit.
He is putting his own daughter behind all this. What a horrible parent he is.
Common behavior that sportsmen makes the world's WORST parents... Unless he is lying about the daughter phone to make me stop, too bad, he fucked the wrong guy and he is still a horrible parent, a wife beater, drug addict and a child neglecter.

IP Address
Location US US, United States
City New York, NY -
Organization Verizon Wireless
ISP Verizon Wireless
AS Number AS22394 Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
Latitude 40°71'43" North
Longitude 74°00'60" West
Distance 7584.30 km (4712.67 miles)

Android 4.4.2; DROID
(KHTML. like Gecko)
Mobile Safari/537.36
The trailer trash truly have no life. He uses a second cellphone after I ban his daughter's phone from this site.

IP Address
Location US US, United States
City East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Organization Verizon Business
ISP Verizon Internet Services
AS Number AS701 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
Latitude 40°42'93" North
Longitude 74°42'03" West
Distance 7631.41 km (4741.94 miles)

Also Thomas is from New Jersey.
Since he loves stalking and threatening people. He threatened me so I post his loc. I hope he get arrested.
Plus he slandered one, reason I slandered on him cus he slander on many people who doesn't agree with him.

A death threat from fat fuck.

Found another death threat screenshot from this fat POS.

I get even.
His phone number 908-8xx-xx72
Zipcode 08807

His facebook is


I gave this trash many warning but he failed, so he will be shamed and he will suffer for his crimes.


Why his "claimed" house changed color???
It's blue and below becomes white.

Claiming that he has a nicer small house than this trailer POS.

Recent photograph of Thomas McKKKreary smoking meth.
It must be the reason of this 41 years old acting like a 9 years old.
Having a sexual perversion on older ladies and trying to make a sexual move on other women while he's marry to his slutty wife.
He fantasize Hillary Clinton in a bikini and have a boner over her.

He probably have a small dick, and showing further more of his perversion.
Some bragging about it usually means the other way around in this fat fuck's case.

New Research Finds Long-Suspected Link Between Hunting and Small Penis Size

Source :

The pervert even owns or work in a shitty bar called Murphy's Shamrock Inn
His shitty bar is getting lots of negative reviews when this asshole admitted to have shot Pedals the bear that walked on 2 legs, there are some unclaim source that sexual deviant pos shot the bear... He incite trouble and anger and cries when people retaliate.... Since he bullied me and people, he deserves those threats made by those people, Fuck Thomas and fuck his trashy family.
I hope the worst for this sexual predator...
I am sure Thomas McKKKreary the way he acts he's a sexual offender or possibly even a child molester..

He goes around calling people rapist, child molesters, pervert if they disagree with hunting...
Hey trophy hunters aka poachers pos who goes to Africa and exploits children (like the article in the url below says).
If you see soo many hunters that are sexist, stalk people ,stalk children and says sexual shit to them...
Inbred hunters are often sexual deviants and like this POS Thomas McCreary is a peverted misogynist and and even had vasectomy because he could NOT control his urges, this bastard stalked my family. humilated them and said lots of derogatory and Xrated shit to them etc...

I will keep on posting that link to make these child predator hicks cry a river.

So go and rate 1 star to that bar ran by a sexual predator.
>>> <<<
Hey it has already have lots of negative reviews, Let give it more.

Also remember don't go to that shitty bar run by a sexual predator, cyberbully, cyberstalker, misogynist, racist, liar and drunken pos Thomas McCreary who stalk people's family including their children.
Hey Thomas if you read this, Your uncle Patrick McCreary deserve it... You pick on the wrong person, you pay the price.

Censoring him = Freedom of speech
Thomas you should thank me for being the freedom warrior.
Censoring freedom haters like you = Freedom of speech.
Relax you lardo fatisto I just exercised my freedom of speech by CENSORING YOU since you bully people expressing their opposition to hunting without attacking.. You go on a tirade and attack people.
Hey Thomas McGreedy relax I was just exercising my freedom of speech by CENSORING you freedom hater.
I make a lot of inbred sport hunters mad by saying "Censoring you = freedom of speech"
They love censoring people???? I play fair.

Take that Thomas McTrashy

Thomas McCreary **HATES** His family and his kids
Yes Thomas McCreary hates his family, hates his wife and his spawns... He rather waste hours and HOURS trolling animal rights page, stalking people, making fake accounts, lying and pissing off people and he goes cries when people fight back.
This fat fuck doesn't realise a false police report is a CRIME.. He goes harassing people and when people are pissed and shame this fat sexual deviant and possibly wife beater he goes around saying I'll call the cops... Guess what fat fuck....False police report scares DOESN'T WORK anymore.
Instead of asking "He'll stop" he makes people madder by making false police report to "shut the people off"
Besides this fat drunken child hating hick is the aggressor.
He is a horrible parent who troll people website but because he's a fucking coward he uses his OWN daughter's cellphone and when I block her IP for "trolling my site" he calls me a hacker, a pedophile etc.

It is NOT illegal to post an IP and ban an IP... The IP is shown on sites.
If you edit wikipedia your IP shows unless you registers so as other sites....
Thomas you mind call them pedophiles you fucking dipshit since they "stalk" your IP....
Thomas is a horrible parent who only spawn to repeat the cycle and once his spawns grows up they will be assholes like this fat fuck.
Thomas is the drunken, sexual deviant, abusive, stalker and possibly a criminal who does illegal shit on the net and in rl.

He is an example of what I think that fat fuck respond to his bitch wife.
Jeannette McCreary : Hey you wanna be with the kids?
Thomas McCreary : Shut up you slut before I beat you... I'm busy trolling Cedric and the other antis.
Jeannette McCreary : Thomas you need to learn your responsibilities.. You have children and a wife.
Thomas McCreary : I will beat you up bitch and ground the kids if you don't leave me alone you idiot.
Jeannette McCreary : Fine!!!!
Thomas McCreary : What manners is trolling him and stealing his furry work.

Fat fuck Thomas McCreary made a fake account to troll and stalk me because I got his real blocked / banned for his harassment.. Thomas has no life.. His fake account
Thomas has no life and is a loser making more false account since his real possibly got disabled as he cannot post on other facebook's pages aside his own.
new fake account. (Riverview Hunt Club)
Worst part is this psychopath friends himself.
Also he claims to be a real estate.
Also you can go there and rate it one star.

Dene Wedderspoon aka the racist bitch is no better who lashes at me and calls me a hypocrite while she is siding with an asshole doing everything she "opposes" and YES I shamed Dene Wedderspoon for bullying me etc.
She is involving in Thomas Harassment, I saw that whore thumbing up his slanderous shit.

You see is an example what that fat fuck rather do... Troll people than being with his inbred hick family.
Yet when an inbred hunter slander on you and says things like that, everything they say means they do it themselves but blames on others.
Here is an example, Henry the Horse / Dogs of WAR aka Jamie Card is a sexual deviant and a child molester.
Inbred sport hunters POS still worship this asshole.

Henry the horse had lots of sexist, women-hating bigotry and he even called a 8 year old girl a "cunt". was some petition he cries about..... This asshole cries about "people stalking and stealing hunter's children pics"
Look at this freak on Henry the Shit who does it non stop.

I was right all along, Thomas McCreary is a sexual deviant who produces spawns.
And cannot control his urge.. This fat POS called me a sexual deviant.
Everything false a hunter says means they do it themselves.
Look at this fat fucker. He had a vasectomy. You may say WTF is a vasectomy.
is a surgical procedure for male sterilization and/or permanent contraception. During the procedure, the male vas deferens are severed and then tied/sealed in a manner so as to prevent sperm from entering into the seminal stream (ejaculate) and thereby prevent fertilization.
Is something inbred hicks needs since they're mindless and cannot control their urge to produce spawns.
Lots of hunters had vasectomy.
So this fat fuck should watch before calling people untrue names... I don't need vasectomy. I need something I have
Is called SELF-CONTROL.... Something rednecks inbred hicks DON'T HAVE!!!!
This hick cannot use a condom nor her skank wife use birth control.
Hunters claims to be conservationist and they blow their cash on safaris, vasectomy and other irrevelant crap and donates ZERO to make the world a better place for wildlife.

Henry the pervert's information from solicitallawyer site

From mirror

Trap the sicko: Facebook troll hijacks mum's profile and 'offers' her children for sale to paedophiles

Lisa Parker, 31, is desperate for those responsible to be caught and has contacted police who are hunting the hacker

An outraged mum has hit back after a twisted Facebook troll hijacked her profile and pretended to offer her children for sale to paedophiles.

Lisa Parker, 31, is desperate for the sicko to be caught and has contacted police who are hunting the hacker.

The troll put photos of Lisa's children on a page for buyers and sellers and added captions such as: “Sex toys for sale.” Another message said one of her kids had Down's syndrome, adding: “Free to good home. Take away before further abused.”

Lisa, of Nuneaton, Warks, said: “I can't believe how repugnant some people are.”

The abuse targeting her children – son Kim, five, and daughters Abbiegail, 12, Sasha, five, April, three, and Leigha, two – started after Lisa joined a group calling for the notorious troll, who uses the name Jamie Card, to be removed from Facebook.

Facebook said it “reacts swiftly” to stop people being abused on the site.

* Do you know the troll? Call the Mirror on 0800 282591 or email

Thomas totally freaked out when I show the truth about hunting industry so is obvious Thomas goes in foreign countries and promoting sex slave, and selling sex slaves...
Lots of sport hunters are sexual deviants, misogymists, sexists, stalkers and perverts.
Brandon Carter is an example of a sexual deviant, stalker, pervert and possibly a child molester stalking my family.

Sex Tourism: ABC News Goes Undercover

April 5, 2010 By DAN HARRIS and JAMES WANG DAN HARRIS More From Dan » Anchor, 'Good Morning America' Weekend Edition via

Federal law enforcement sources tell ABC News that the FBI and customs officials are investigating allegations that some fishing and hunting tour businesses are arranging sex with children for American men overseas.

ABC News wanted to know what tour operators offer and whether they market an illegal sex trade ?

Wearing hidden cameras, we entered a convention, sponsored by the Dallas Safari Club, where tour companies sell top-dollar hunting and fishing trips all over the world -- some with promises of great parties and beautiful women.

"I mean, it's a third world country and you can do whatever you want," one tour operator told us. "You know if you want to do a party it's not like here—you can't touch, you can't look—you can do whatever the f**k you want."

Said another, "It will start off with six [young women], then it will be twelve, and then it'll be eighteen and then you guys will be just retreating. I'm serious."

But we've heard it's not just women on offer; it's also young girls .

We found one operator who, after at first refusing, tells us when we catch up with him the following day that he can make it happen.

"We'll float the idea to my guy that's going to take care of this thing for you and he can get it done," he says. "I know…he can get that done. But it's probably going to be…it's going to have to be real stealthy…in other words, I don't know…and I'm not saying anything but something is going to happen."

Federal investigators are looking into possible child sex abuse on tours from Central and South America to Africa.

Phil Marsteller, who operates fishing tours in Brazil, says abusing minors has become a cancer on his industry .

"What better way to get away from your wife and go be the -- you know, have the Jekyll and Hyde personality and go do something else than going on a fishing trip to the Amazon that's viewed as family friendly," he said.

The offenders aren't who you might expect. "You're talking about business people, doctors, lawyers, politicians," says Marsteller. "You know, people with lots of money."

Marsteller has gathered pictures and video of what he says are underage Amazonian Indian girls cavorting with American men on board a competitor's boat.

Brazilian authorities are looking into those allegations and have obtained affidavits from Amazonian Indian girls as young as 13 who say that employees for an American fishing tour operator came to their villages and offered them cleaning jobs, which they accepted because they needed the money.

Once on the boat, however, they say they were forced to pose in nude pictures and have sex.

We met two girls who told us they were given string bikinis and cocaine – and then expected to have sex.

"I was forced to have relations with one of them," says one girl, who was 16 at the time.

In a sworn affidavit, another girl, who was just 13 at the time, says she was impregnated by an American whose name she didn't even know -- and that afterwards her family threw her out.

That tour operator and Marstellar competitor says it's all lies.

But listen to what the tour operator we spoke to on hidden camera in Dallas -- the one who said he could introduce us to someone who would arrange for us to meet underage girls had to say about Marsteller.

"There's a code of the West in this industry that nobody breaks -- and he broke it. That's why nobody likes him."

When ABC News later contacted that tour operator, he insisted he never had arranged for clients to meet young girls and would never have followed through on his offer to help provide them.

Thomas wife is no better, she hands with a fat fuck who involve his hick family in the people he harass and put everyone down.
Sport hunters tend to have a higher chance to have a DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY than normal people.
Check their behavior, they act child like even if they're in their 60s... they had horrible parents who only spawned these assholes so they hunt and trap but never taught them manners nor respect..
If you wonder why Disney, Movies, Comics, Others portray hunters as stupid, as the bad guy and cruel.
Is because they act like that in real life.

Thomas McCreary must be a sex offender since he obsess on stalking people including children.. He harrass people, stalk their families etc... Makes sexual insults to both adults and children so he is a sick freak and a pos.
Hey misogyny, sexual deviance, abuse and sexism among hunters is a VERY COMMON THING!!!!
Lots of inbred hick hunters from shitsville are often sexist, racist, perverts, and says derogatory and Xrated shit.
they even says this shit toward underage / children that uses facebook, other chat websites etc.

Death Artwork
LEGAL NOTICE : There is NO laws on making artwork (photoshop) depicting someone's injury or death.
First of all I am not a killer and never will be.. I have an ALTERNATIVE ways to killing such as "photoshopping" their death, like killing them with ART... It is NOT illegal to photoshop someone dead, eaten by an animal etc.
Like Let say I hate someone who harassed me, bullied me, defamed me, stalked me, threatened me etc.
As revenge for his crimes..
I want to see him dead by accidents such as,
Gored up,
Hunting accident,
Predator (animal)
Disease etc.
There is NO law on photoshopping someone like that, is a way to vent yourself "virtually" without huring anyone.
I do not condone the killing of people "for real".
This fatass he uses real violence on animals which is an "Apprentice way" to become violent toward humans.
No living beings were harmed during so technically I am not hurting anything while this fat fuck hurts a lot.
Is same as is NOT illegal to make a person die in a movie because is FAKE, FICTIONAL.
Person is NOT killed, is SPECIAL EFFECTS, STAGED UP ETC!!!
If you wish someone to die of disease or accident it is NOT illegal to do so.. Beside these hicks does it all the time.

Alcoholism and child-like behavior
Drunkard losers tend to act extremely immature and child-like.
This fat fuck is in his late 30s and doesn't act his age, even a 12 years old is more mature than his fucking spawn.
This fat fuck waste his time drinking like a fish and trolling people rather being with his damn family.
Now in his "facebook jail" for a month or more.. He is sitting there making Pseudoaccounts "fake accounts" to resume trolling and slandering on me and random people.. Now his pseudo got terminated after I got a campaign of people reporting / flagging this fatass for using a fake name which is AGAINST FB's terms.
Now he is sitting infront of his damn computer waiting for his "Facebook ban" to be lifted rather than being with his family because this fat alcoholic fuck has no life nor manners, he's a spawn. Spawns HATES their family.
5% alcohol volume is not much but if you drink lots of beer a day then is a lot to be an alcoholic. abusive and dumb.

Things get worse.
Thomas McCreary's sexual deviance?
Thomas McCreary inside his house he never wear clothes even infront of his hick family and his spawns.

Thomas McCreary sexual deviance and possible child abuse?
If some late 30 yrs old hick act like that, is obvious he does the same shit infront of his spawns.

Thomas masturbate to my arts.
He admitted it because everything a hick like him says that isn't true on you means they do it themselves.

He goes around talking shit and accusing people of being sexual deviance while he's one.
Remember everything THAT
an inbred sport hunter says to you that isn't true means they do it themselves but blames it upon you.

He calls people pedophilia while he does everything he says but put it on others the fat hick...

He stalks me, I stalk him.
If he loves stalking people soo badly, I can play fair to this inbred fat fuck who obsess on his enemies.
This page is not obsessing on him, is HATING and SHAMING him.

LEGAL NOTICE: Everything listed are NOT private, not private means NOT illegal.
Residence at 203 Riverview Rd to Thomas McCreary IV and Jeanette McCreary from James Musacchio. $400,000.
Thomas (F)uck McCreary IV
Thomas goes on dating sites while he already has a wife..
He wants to fuck Kendall Jones soo badly since Jeannette is too old.
Oh yeah!! Since he love stalking me soo much I can say.
Further more info.
Health problems
He has numerous health problems such as diabetes, extreme obesity, osteoporosis, collapsable bone syndrome.
He is bipolar, schizophrenic from thinking rocks are alive., and attention deficit disorder.
He also have undiscoverted cysts or cancer possibly terminal cancer showing no symptoms.......... YET.
He also suffers from "greendice" green version of Jaundice.
What goes around comes around!!
Looks like Karma bite this hick's ass again... Since McCreary bullied me and libel against me..
GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!!... Fuck Thomas McCreary and fuck his worthless inbred family of his.. I feel nothing.

Stupid trailer trash hick got what he deserved for being a stupid pieces of shit, a good acciddent caused by his stupidity.... I am sure is a hunting accident. Guess what.

Cigarette smoking was the cause of his death.
Thomas thinks it bother me to stalk people, stalk me and lie??
It doesn't.. BUT I know it bothers him a LOT when I post that.. He keep on blocking me.
If he hates it soo much, then don't fucking fuel the people... He fails to harass me, I put more of his POS family.
Since he love stalking other people's family... Hunters are not just animal stalkers, they're people stalker and sexual predators.

This stupid hick claims of not caring. WRONG he lost a hunting season and probably sat on his fatass all day trolling random people. (click the pics to enlarge)

Good ol hunting accident..........

Or maybe his injuries was from his excess weight from standing and causing his feet to collapse.

Trailer Trash and his hickery?

Reminds me of a film.

His hick family neighborhood.

His older sons from the first wife (his sister) he inbred with.
He had at least 16 kids and 6 wives.

His wife Jeanette M Kuczbanski farted soo hard.

He's a fat pieces of shit.

Actually he steals random people picture riding a motorcycle since this fat pieces of shit can't ride one himself because he is morbidly obese.

He even destroyed his stupid bike due to excess weight..

Fatass's computer chair.


Fat car for fat people.

Fat computer chair for fat people.

The place where he shoots drugs and does hard drugs and booze. Teaches his kids to smoke and drink.
Location is 108 N Rosewell Ave, South Amboy, NJ 08879, USA.

He also thinks that rocks are alive and will protect his crummy gar-fucking-den.
This psychopath thinks those rocks are alive.

White Trashism

His hick trailer living white trash hillbilly Southern family.

His late grandfather who died of radiation and radon poisoning.

His daugher's real face without her mask she always wear to hide her real face on
Thomas McCreary's wife facebook pic page.

Roy L. " Rocky " Dennis is normal looking compare to Thomas daughter without her mask.

Her HORRIBLE writing.

His whorric slut sister.

His fat anti-depressant abusing aunt

His other sister who died of diabetes.

His second daughter failing to exercise.

Jeannette McCreary doing some excercise
RescueRangers busted this stalker's ass. Since Thomas love stealing people's work
He has several phone numbers or something
Since this trailer trash love to stalk people, bully people, steal their work now is our turn to get even.

Also his phone is the same as this car dealer

LEGAL NOTICE : His number is LISTED and is NOT illegal to link to it .
Thomas McKKKreary got his ass KICKED
Both me, my friends and a (good troll) with the name of "Queen of Hearts" kicked that fat fuck's ass soo hard.
Giving him a month facebook jail. Then a ban (his account disappear for several days) then when he returned ANOTHER facebook jail....
Possibly account disabled, as he may post on his wall but can NOT post outside of it.
I and the others made this fat ass pieces of shit suffer..
I don't like child haters and wife beaters like this fat drunken inbred hick Thomas McCreary.
I will make him suffer to NO END!!!!
Is NOT illegal to make someone suffer by reporting their ass and banning them..
Same as is NOT illegal to wish him disease, hunting accident or other negative wishes.

Got reported.

Hey fat fuck I'm just exercizing my freedom of speech by CENSORING a freedom hating hick like you Thomas
Archery, hunting, bigot, racist, homophobic, hypocrite, corruption,
pedophile, sexual deviant, autistic, servant, racism in America United States, stalker, Cyberbully, sport hunter, bowhunting, sadistic,
Jeanette, womanizer, womanizing, pervert, criminal, thief, slanderous,
Kendall Jones, sexual predator, bowhunter, GOP, republican, hatred,
archery, child abuse, stalker, 08807-1570, Christian, PseudoChristian,
Thomas McCreary IV,, New Jersey, mrfyslaw,,,,, MCCREARYIV,,

DJ Touchstone
Intern at Northwestern Electric Cooperative
Mandy Delp
Vincennes University
Molly McCreary
Middlesex Community College
Colleen McCreary Pretto Houck
Genevieve McCreary
South Amboy, New Jersey
Patrick McCreary
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Cathy McCreary Karuzis
Katie McCreary
Jeanette McCreary
Rutgers · Bridgewater, New Jersey
  • Lives in Bridgewater, New Jersey
  • From South Amboy Junction, New Jersey